What If…?360 Starter Course?

What if… you are invited to be a part of the What If…?360 Starter Course?! This two week course is designed to introduce you to the concepts of Curiosity Based Learning and the What If…?360 8-Step Innovation Process.

The What If…?360, process is quick to learn, easy to use, and simple to sustain. Its descriptive, rather than prescriptive process allows participants to be active creators, collaborates, and designers of their outcomes.

How What If…?360’s Curiosity Based Approach Works

  • We start with curiosity
  • Direction comes from its participants
  • It takes participants down pathways of empathy in order to better understand and address problems
  • It’s a collaborative process with a bias toward collaborative action
  • It opens new channels for cross-sector and cross-generational communication
  • It is designed for better communication between introverts and extroverts
  • More sustainable outcomes and actions are m because they are self-generated suggestions rather than top-down directives
  • It uses a simple, dynamic process to address complex problems

During this two week course, you will:

  • Familiarize yourself with Curiosity Based Learning
  • Become proficient in the What If…?360 8-Step Innovation Process
  • Learn activities and tools you can can use to start innovating from today into tomorrow

You will also get:

  • Access to regular content to help you get the most out of your curiosity
  • Opportunities to collaborate with a global network of What Iffers
  • An invitation to be in the first class of certified What Iffers

What if you fill the application and we will let you know very soon if you are on board for the first online program for WhatIf…?360

Participants will be evaluated based on the application form. After the evaluation process you will receive an email with further instructions to  start the two weeks Starter program.

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